Engineer, scientist and innovation leader


As a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the way computers work. During primary and high school, I started coding, creating very basic games and programs. Fascinated and challenged by the complexity of creating a bunch of pixels that express complex behavior, I applied for the study of Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine Interaction at the University of Groningen. Although I’ve long given up creating computer games or making computers more intelligent, I still apply the knowledge that I’ve learned in my professional career.


Although no longer active in the field, I have a love for cognitive neuroscience. For four years, I’ve investigated the limits of how fast our brain can process information to get more insights of the cognitive and neural foundations of attention.


Innovation is what drives me in my professional life. My career as an innovation engineer began in the oil and gas industry, where we were developing and inventing camera-based positioning systems that enabled remote positioning of wind mills and offshore platforms. Today, I’m leading a highly skilled team of data scientists and engineers active in the infrastructure sector. Together, we use and develop state of art technology to get valuable insights from rails, roads, tunnels and bridges.